Saturday, February 29, 2020

Progress women achieved in field of Math, Science and Engineering Essay

Progress women achieved in field of Math, Science and Engineering - Essay Example This paper takes into consideration the conditions of women in the professional spheres in India, a country that has been known to hold strong biases towards the female population and prefer the birth of males in their households. All throughout the long history of the country, it can be seen that gender inequality has prevailed in the societies of the region as a whole whose reflection could also be seen in the educational and professional spheres. The past century however, could be seen to have brought a change in this respect. People as a whole got more inclined towards working for the betterment of the status of women in India, and to make efforts for the positive development of women in the region. During this period there have been developments in this domain in regards to greater involvement of women in the public spheres, striving for more balance in the ratios of men to women in the school enrolments, and an increased visibility of women in the labour force etc. (Segran, 201 0). Although, these developments might signify the start of changes in the fundamental mind-sets of the people over there, but India still has a long way to go in terms of trying to somewhat suppress gender discrimination in the region as a whole. ... It all began with the British colonization in South Asia. Although, Britain had the initial policy of non-intervention, however, once it had well established itself in the region, it started reforming the constitutions and the legal system for the betterment of every strata of the society as a whole, particularly for women that had been observed to be subject to serious violence, both within and outside their households. This was an attempt to civilize the people of the nation. The efforts on their part, combined by the local liberals, started to bring about reforms for women, which in turn resulted in somewhat betterment of their status and lives (Dasgupta, 2002a). Previously, the women of India could not gain access to the justice system on violation of their rights, but ever since the British colonization, the need to utilize the legal system to combat violence against women has been greatly stressed upon. Over the past few decades, the Indian legal and justice system has brought about various innovations to cater to the disadvantaged population of the country, in terms of violation of human rights, particularly for women. This in turn, has also enabled them to create an increased awareness about the issues of women for creation of policies and developmental initiatives. Other than that, the courts have also been able to give the women a public voice and it has put in great efforts to eliminate discrimination of women on legal fronts at least, if not completely on a societal level, which would require a much longer time (Dasgupta, 2002b). Societal Norms: Gender inequality has always been a major issue for the women of India. The aspect of gender closely defines the roles and behaviours assigned to men and

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