Wednesday, February 12, 2020

MGMT 305 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

MGMT 305 - Case Study Example anagement complain of time wastage, low production, arrogance and lousy attitude from the workers while, the workers protest the poor treatment from the managers. The president has to decide whether to downsize or reinvestment considering the factors like the cost of reinvesting, compensation for the workers in case they are laid off and the time it will take to establish a new premise of sawmilling ( Eckes, pg. 492). The company establishes and grows, if it establishes these group member competencies that lack in Jackson, BC. The organization has to apply strategic conflict resolving, comforting behaviors where the team from the subordinate to the seniors relate in a friendly manner and incase of problems the employer support the workers either financially or emotionally. Teamwork has to prevail in an organized firm where resources and ideas are freely shared. Communication is vital in a company where flow of information must be maintained through memos, messaging e.t.c. Finally, the following Team Environment should be enhanced. Reward system should be introduced on either performance bases or on any other criteria. Also, proper channel of communication should be enhanced. Physical space should be available for individual growth and privacy. Organizational structure should be observed where different department supervise personal department (Eckes, pg.498.). Finally, organizational leadership should always be a key point where the channel of passing command should be

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