Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Question repository and test paper generator Literature review

Question repository and test paper generator - Literature review Example The online examination system provides a user friendly interface with all the features of any original examination system. The online examination system conducts exams using multiple-choice questions, gap-fills and open questions. The online examination system provides a platform where the teachers can easily conduct tests as they do not have to waste time on checking the test of each individual student and students can easily give exams. The system is convenient for students as they don’t need to worry about things like pens and teachers will only need to prepare the basic question-bank once with the system allowing addition of additional questions later.The online examination system has two users classified as Administrators and the students. (Jin & Lin, 2012) The administrators are the typical examiners and are responsible for the management of users, tests to be conducted, subjects, questions and results. These administrators also manage system backup and recovery strategi es. The second user of the system is the student who uses it to sit for examinations. The students take exams in the front desk using usernames and passwords given to them by the administrators. The system shall distribute questions to the student automatically and start the countdown for the students to complete the test within the stipulated time, and submit answers to the server. Depending on the type of exam, the system divides the questions into objective and subjective questions, with papers being corrected by the system and the teachers. The system shall aggregate final results, and students can check their scores on the system breaking the time and space constraints of traditional test, and achieve paperless office. The online examination system supports the management of users, questions, subjects and results of course. The system is fully automated and it evaluates thoroughly and does calculations of the tests done providing test summary and results summary to both the tes t conductor and the student. Students can check their results online. The online examination system shall be all browsers compatible to give all its users the best experience with different browsers. In each management section there shall be a provision of a searching option providing a ‘what you see is what you’ get editor to make preparations of questions easier. The system shall also provide some Indic language support. Advantages of online exam system The advantage of the online examination is that it can be conducted for candidates in remote areas and evaluation of answers can be fully automated for multiple choice questions. Depending on the type of the questions and the requirements, essay type questions can be evaluated through the system. The system allows for examinations to be conducted at any time as per the availability and convenience of the users and reduction of costs substantially since there is no paper work involved like printing exam papers and prepa ring paper admissions. (Peter, 2004) The examination results could be viewed just after the exams and there is an option to display the correct answer or hints, for formative testing. There are no distribution expenses for the question papers since the papers would not be distributed to different locations. There are no invigilators involved and also there is no

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