Monday, November 18, 2019

Actions to be taken when carrying out a case study

Actions to be taken when carrying out a - Case Study Example Among the actions that Ava Beane proposed to Eric Gregory and Mellissa Hayes is knowing the main aim of the study, this is clearly the identifying the main reason for carrying out the research study. Having a clear topic that will be evaluated, learning the attitude of the people living around the area of the place where the study will be conducted while at the same time considering their opinion on the study. Furthermore, Gregory and Hayes should find out if any other parties have ever conducted the same study before; they should survey the population where they are to carry out the survey that will be used to answer the research questions. This is necessary because they will be able to identify the most appropriate persons who will be able to answer the relevant questions as it is not possible to get information from the entire populationGregory and Hayes are also advised to follow the relevant procedures that are required in the event of carrying out the case study. When creating the questions that will be required to be answered by a given population for the study, the characteristics and the sex of the people answering the questions should be considered. This is because the answers give a precise the opinion of the person. However their identity are supposed to be concealed entirely as that is how it expected by the ethics governing scientific studies. Moreover they can use the collected data and compare it to the past researches that bear the same topic name.

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